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About Dental Marketing Class.
Why it was created and how it can help you get more patients.
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Learn What Works to Get Patients... and What Doesn't

Take Dental Marketing 101 for FREE

What if you weren't at the mercy of so-called "marketing-experts"? What if you knew EXACTLY where to focus your online efforts to get new patients for your practice?

Know With Certainty Where to Focus

After Taking Dental Marketing 101 through, you'll know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to getting new patients for your practice.

Dental Marketing Myths

Do These Sound Familiar to You?

  • MYTH #1: You need to have a dental blog and keep it updated to get more patients
    (spoiler alert: no one reads your dental blog)
  • MYTH #2: You need to be active on Facebook and post to your dental practice's web page regularly
    (another spoiler alert: no one reads your Facebook posts either)
  • MYTH #3: You need to set up a review station in your office to get more patient reviews
    (this can actually hurt your review efforts)

In Dental Marketing 101, you'll learn why much of the advice you've been getting is either outdated or just plain wrong and can end up hurting your practice. You'll be able to focus on what works and ignore the other stuff.

Course Preview

Watch a 2 minute overview of the course below:

So, What's In the Course?

The Course contains over 2 1/2 hours of video lectures describing the different websites and methods available to promote your practice online.

I cover all of the following websites:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Getting Reviews
  • Blogging

...and More

The course covers where you should focus your marketing efforts. I also cover what marketing websites and activities you should avoid as they will be likely to waste your time and money. This is especially important as a lot of marketing companies will attempt to add on questionable tactics to add to their own bottom line.

In addition to the video lectures, I also provide text and images for those of you who aren't all that excited about video. Each lecture also contains a resources section with links for further information and exploration.

Sample Lecture:

Why Having a Dental Blog is a Waste of your Time and Money

Learn why almost all dental blogs provide virtually no value to dentists for three main reasons:

  • The same blog content is written by a marketing company and pasted on hundreds of dentists blogs
  • The blog isn't linked to from other websites
  • The blog content is more boring than watching paint dry

Click the play button below to view an actual lecture from the course where I discuss dental blogs.

About Me

fs-circleI have helped local businesses - including dentists - get more customers with online marketing for over 10 years.

My background is in technology and marketing. I hold a BS in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University, and a MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.

My company, FlexLeads, is based in Colorado - just south of Denver.

I enjoy skiing and watching Washington Capitals hockey (until the playoffs arrive and they make an early departure).

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