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Deceptive Dental Marketing Upsells EXPOSED

Traumatized by a Dental Marketing Services Agency That Didn't Deliver?

You're Not Alone.

It is important to not fall for upsells that don't help your practice

Deceptive Upsell #1:

Dental Blogs

Your Blog is Dying

No one reads your dental blog.
No offense, but why would they?
When was the last time you even read it?
Is your plumber’s blog a virtual page-turner that you just can’t stop reading?
You wouldn’t know because you haven’t been to your plumber’s blog. You have a life.

Your patients and prospective patients have as much interest in reading dental blogs (none) as you do in your plumber’s blog.

Why Dental Website Blogs Don't Work

Many dental marketing companies get paid to post the same worthless blog content across hundreds of their clients’ blogs.   A sample post might be “10 Ways to Fight Bad Breath” .

For your website to rank high in the search engines, content on your site must be original, relevant and useful to many people.

Typical marketing company blog content is worthless to your practice. It isn’t:

  • Original – it is  pasted on hundreds of other blogs
  • Useful – no one actively searches for 10 tips on beating bad breath
  • Relevant – It has nothing to do specifically with your practice or the high level of care you provide your patients

Deceptive Upsell #2:

Facebook Posts

Your Posts on Your Facebook Business Pages are Invisible

No one reads your Facebook Posts Either.
They don’t care about your posts
The worst part is that they will never even see your Facebook Posts.
An EdgeRankChecker Study revelaled that only 2% – 6% of Facebook posts are even SEEN by people that like or follow your business.
This means that your Facebook Posts are effectively invisible to the people that like or follow your business.

Why Business Profile Posts on Facebook Don't Work

Deceptive marketing companies will charge you to post to your Facebook page. They claim that posting to Facebook will build engagement with patients and bring in new business.
The posts won’t even be seen.
The only way to be seen on Facebook is to advertise on Facebook.
Facebook makes its money through advertising. It isn’t going to promote your dental practice for free.

Your Dental Website Blog:
An Alarming Waste of Cash

Sample Dental Marketing Class Lecture

Many dental marketing agencies will push services on you – like Dental blogs – that absolutely won’t bring you new patients.  

These companies paste the same boring content on hundreds of dental blogs – draining your budget and enriching the marketing company.

Dental Marketing Course Overview


This dental marketing course contains over 2 1/2 hours of video lectures describing the different websites and methods available to promote your dental practice online.  


Course Introduction

This first module is a course overview and gives the basics about navigating through and making the most of Dental Marketing Class – and the dental marketing 101 course.

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Internet Marketing: SEO vs Paid Search

Training in this module contains 4 lessons and covers the high-level concepts of online dental marketing. The main topic to cover is paid vs free marketing for your dental practice – both on social media platforms and on search results pages.

While no marketing is truly “free”, paid search involves paying an advertising platform for the ability to get your message in front of your target audience.

Getting “free” clicks from search results or other platforms is possible, but it does require significant time and effort – and money – to be high enough in the search results to get free clicks.

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Paid Search with Google Ads

The most important dental marketing concepts are covered in this module.  If you only implement one marketing method for your practice, it should be Google Ads.

Google Ads for your practice will appear on the top of the search results and running ads is the quickest way for dentists to get results from online marketing efforts.

This module takes a deep dive into the Google Search Network, Display Network and Google automation options – including Google Smart Campaigns.

We clear up what the following terms actually mean: PPC, CPC, Keywords, Sections of search results pages, Campaigns, Accounts, Ad Groups and Ad Auctions.

In addition to our course module (linked to below), be sure to check out or Google Ads for Dentists walkthrough.

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Google SEO and Local SEO for Your Dental Website

While paid search on Google is an extremely effective way to get new patients into your practice, Google SEO extremely important as well. The advantage that SEO offers dentists is the potential for free clicks on the search results page.

A drawback for SEO is that it is often described as “free” – when a lot of work goes into being in a position to get those free clicks. Another drawback is that SEO takes a long time to actually climb up the search results page.

That said, most dentists should consider watching this module and using SEO as a sound strategy to get more dental cases by moving up in the search results.

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Dental Practice Google Reviews

Getting a steady stream of reviews – especially Google Reviews – can be very beneficial to your practice. Dental offices must have a system in place to collect reviews from patients easily. These reviews are prominently displayed whenever someone searches for your practice.

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Microsoft Paid Search Ads and SEO on Bing

Microsoft Ads are a must for dentists. The quantity of searchers and leads is significantly less than Google Ads, however you can usually achieve a lower patient acquisition cost for your practice.  The strategy used for Microsoft / Bing is similar to Google – both have the same general search results page layout and advertising platforms.

Generally, I recommend rolling out Microsoft Ads as the second step in dental marketing.  Dentists should only advertise on Microsoft after their Google Ads campaign is up, running, bringing in plenty of patients, and achieving a solid ROI.

In addition to our course module (linked to below), be sure to check out or Microsoft Ads for Dentists walkthrough.

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Paid Search Ads to Reach Local Patients on Facebook

This module takes a look at how you can promote your dental office on Facebook. We cover claiming a business listing, advertising and reviews. Your practice needs to have a presence on Facebook.

Achieving a decent ROI on Facebook can be hit or miss. You’ll be trying to attract prospects when they aren’t actively searching for your services. That said, the demographic and interest targeting on Facebook makes it an amazing platform to try to reach your ideal patients.

We also put together an additional page – Facebook Ads for Dentists – to add to our dental marketing course material.

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Local Dental Ads on Yelp's Website

Yelp has a very active sales team who are highly likely to contact you frequently after you claim your Yelp listing – which is something you need to do.

But is advertising your dental practice on Yelp actually worth it? In this module, we cover the details of advertising on Yelp – and what you might expect.

Yelp Advertising for Dental Practices.

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Social Media Marketing Ads for Dentists

When looking for places to try to grow your practice online, it is a good idea to test new platforms as they emerge. If you find the right advertising or content vehicle, you can sometimes achieve great returns on new platforms before becoming more mature and expensive.

In this section, we cover a variety of social media platforms and how they may (or may not) be able to bring in more patient leads. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn are all covered.

You should also check out our additional dental marketing page – Twitter Ads for Dentists.

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Your Dental Practice Website and Landing Page

When someone clicks on your dental ad or SEO listing from a search results page, they need to “land” on a page on your practice website that solves their dental problem.

Advertising and SEO don’t matter unless you have a website that is able to convert prospects into patients. Clean, simple, uncluttered website design and a clear call to action are essential.

This module takes a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts for your practice website.

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Dental Website Blogs

Most dental sites are doing blogging completely and utterly wrong. Their sites don’t benefit from having a boring dental blog with the same content that no one in their right mind would want to read, like “5 simple ways to combat halitosis”. No one checks in on their plumber’s blog, why would they read your dental blog?

The good news is that there is a way to make blog content relevant and interesting to your local community and potentially rank in Google and Microsoft Bing search results as as well.

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Important (and Free) Business Strategy to Get Dental Patient Reviews

Paying a third-party service to collect reviews from patients automatically is the best way to get reviews for your practice.

Probably the next best way to get dental reviews (for free) involves a couple of quick steps and printing out a review link to provide patients. I describe this quick and easy method within this module.

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Strategy for Outsourcing Dental Paid Search and SEO Services

This module covers how to evaluate dental advertising agencies properly. We take a look at the due diligence required on the dentist’s part to make sure that they’re picking the right marketing team for their needs. I often see dentists who were made great promises by a sales team – only to get little support once their contract actually started.

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Dental Competitors Spying Strategy

This is a fun module that covers a few different tools you can use to get an idea of competing dentists marketing strategies. If you see a dental competitor’s name everywhere on the web and wonder why – then you’ll definitely want to check out this module.

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