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Deceptive Dental Marketing Upsells EXPOSED

Traumatized by a Dental Marketing Company That Didn't Deliver?

You're Not Alone.

Don't fall for these common upsells that won't help your practice

Deceptive Upsell #1:

Dental Blogs

Your Blog is Dying

No one reads your dental blog.
No offense, but why would they?
When was the last time you even read it?
Is your plumber’s blog a virtual page-turner that you just can’t stop reading?
You wouldn’t know because you haven’t been to your plumber’s blog. You have a life.

Your patients and prospective patients have as much interest in reading dental blogs (none) as you do in your plumber’s blog.

Why Blogs Don't Work

Many dental marketing companies get paid to post the same exact worthless blog content across hundreds of their clients blogs.  A sample post might be “10 Ways to Fight Bad Breath” .

For your website to rank high in the search engines, content on your site must be original, relevant and useful to a lot of people.

Typical marketing company blog content is worthless to your practice. It isn’t:

  • Original – it is  pasted on hundreds of other blogs
  • Useful – no one actively searches for 10 tips on beating bad breath
  • Relevant – It has nothing to do specifically with your practice or the high level of care you provide your patients

Deceptive Upsell #2:

Facebook Posts

Your Posts are Invisible

No one reads your Facebook Posts Either.
They don’t care about your posts
The worst part is that they will never even see your Facebook Posts.
An EdgeRankChecker Study revelaled that only 2% – 6% of Facebook posts are even SEEN by people that like or follow your business.
This means that your Facebook Posts are effectively invisible to the people that like or follow your business.

Why Posts Don't Work

Deceptive marketing companies will charge you to post to your Facebook page. They claim that posting to Facebook will build engagement with patients and bring in new business.
The posts won’t even be seen.
The only way to be seen on Facebook is to advertise on Facebook.
Facebook makes its money through advertising. It isn’t going to promote your dental practice for free.

Your Dental Blog: An Alarming Waste of Cash

Sample Dental Marketing Class Lecture

Many dental marketing agencies will push services on you – like Dental blogs – that absolutely won’t bring you new patients.  

These companies paste the same boring content on hundreds of dental blogs – draining your budget and enriching the marketing company.

Dental Marketing Course Topics


The Course contains over 2 1/2 hours of video lectures describing the different websites and methods available to promote your practice online.  


Google is King.  Learn about SEO, Local Search and Google Ads and how each may be able to get you new patients.


Facebook has amazing capabilities, but in order for your message to be seen on Facebook, you have to pay. Learn why.

Blogs and Content

Most dental blogs are completely worthless and don’t help with SEO. Learn how a dental blog can be effective for your practice.


In 2018, Yelp changed their advertising plans.  Learn about the Yelp ad platform and whether it might work for you.

Paid vs Free

A lot of marketing experts will tell you how you can get new patients for free from the Internet.  Learn why that rarely works.


Reviews are essential to getting more patients.  Learn how to ask for – and how to respond to reviews

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