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AdWords Express for Dentists

This post is from our Dental Marketing 101 course. Take Dental Marketing 101 for free and learn how to effectively promote your dental practice online.

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AdWords Express is Google’s watered down version of Google AdWords that allows small business owners to advertise on Google’s search engine with the least amount of effort possible.

As with most things in life, when you put forth the least amount of effort possible, the results aren’t the best.

AdWords Express is highly automated and very easy to set up. You may even wish to consider trying out AdWords Express if you’ve never advertised online before.

Advantages of AdWords Express for Dentists

  • It is extremely easy to get started with Google AdWords with AdWords Express
  • It is easy to manage

Google mentions that AdWords Express maintenance is only takes about 15 minutes per week whereas Google AdWords maintenance takes over an hour. And that’s a bit of an understatement.

Google AdWords typically takes well over an hour per week for seasoned professionals. This is due to changing business goals, responding to the competition, and the fact that the Google AdWords platform is constantly changing and this requires a lot of time just to keep pace.

Disadvantages of Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express has some significant limitations

  • Lack of keyword control
  • No keyword matching & no negative keywords
  • Limited ad control

Lack of Keyword Control

The automated nature of AdWords Express means Google chooses the keywords it uses to trigger your ads – so you don’t have full control over what user search queries will trigger your ad. Thsi can result in your ad showing for searches that really aren’t relevant to your practice.

No Keyword Matching and no Negative Keywords

Keyword matching is unavailable in AdWords Express – all kewyords are broad match – which means that your ad is likely to show for a wide variety of search terms – many of which are irrelevant to your practice.

You also don’t have the option of using negative keyword matching options. This means that you can’t prevent your ad from showing for unwanted keywords. For example, if “dental clinic” is one of the AdWords Express search phrases selected for you by the automated system, your ad could potentially show for “Free Dental Clinic”. You would want the word “Free” to be a negative keyword to prevent the “Free Dental Clinic” search from triggering your ad.

Unfortunately, these negative keyword matching options aren’t available in AdWords Express

Limited Ad Control

While you can set up multiple ads in AdWords Express, it is difficult. Your ad campaign will be much more effective if you have separate keywords, ads and landing pages for each of your services. So in other words, a separate ad and landing page for crowns, a separate ad and landing page for implants, and so on. It is very difficult to achieve this with AdWords Express

Getting Started with AdWords Express for Dentists

The process to get started is extremely easy – almost too easy. View the video walkthrough above that explains most of the process just to provide you an idea of how to set up an AdWords Express account.

So that wraps up Google AdWords Express for dentists. In the next section, we’ll discuss landing pages and how important they are to getting new patients to your dental practice.


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