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Just Released for 2019

Dental Ads: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, I take an in-depth look at all that different ways that you can effectively promote your practice and get more patients with online dental advertising. There are platforms that work great to get new patients calling your office, and there are techniques that don’t work nearly as well.

I also cover the landing pages on your website. If you’re going to put an ad campaign together, you need a highly effective way to convert all of that online traffic into new patients.

Do I really  Need to Advertise? I’ve been told that I can just post to social media or keep my blog updated to get new patients….

Social Media Posts Just Don’t Work
Merely posting your dental office updates and specials to social media is a waste of time. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook want you to pay to get your message out. They aren’t in business to market your dental office for free.

According to HubSpot, it is estimated that as little as 2%-6% of people who like or follow your practice on Facebook will ever even see your post. On Twitter, your tweets get buried before most users even have a chance to read them. Bottom line, if you want to get in front of potential patients, you need to pay.

Blogging Doesn’t Work Either
While blogging can work, the way most dental offices run their blog does no good. You need to have worthwhile content that other websites are willing to link to. Unfortunately, most dental blog content is boring, vanilla content that their marketing company posts to hundreds of other websites as well – providing no SEO value to any of their clients.

Learn What Works Now!
Check out Dental Ads: The Ultimate Guide to see how you can use advertising to bring the ideal patients into your practice.

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