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Google Ads in Two Minutes: The Google Display Network

Bottom Line

Local business & local service providers SHOULD NOT participate in the Google Display Network, at least not initially.



The Google Display Network is a collection of over 2 million websites.  As an AdWords advertiser, you have the option to have your ads appear on this vast Google Display Network.

Don’t Do It.

Unlike search ads, ads on the display network aren’t related to a user searching to your products or services.  Instead, ads appear on Display Network sites that may or may not be related to the services that you provide.  As a result, your ads are displayed to a less relevant, less motivated crowd of users than you’ll see on the display network.

When To Consider Using the Display Network

At least initially, you’ll want to avoid the display network and make sure your search network campaigns are delivering ROI.  Once you have effective search network campaigns, you may wish to consider to experiment with the Display Network.

The Display Network is best used for branding efforts.  The hope is to repeatedly get your business name out in front of potential customers who may buy from you at some point in the future.  The Display Network can provide brand awareness over time to your business.

If you do decide to participate in the Display Network, you’ll want to take advantage of remarketing.  Remarketing allows you to target your Display Network ads to visitors that have already been to your website.

How To:

Set Your AdWords Campaign Type

    1. Select a campaign
    2. Go to the “Settings” Tab
    3. Make sure that your campaign type is set to “Search Network Only” as shown below

display network settings 2

    1. If your current campaign type doesn’t show as “Search Network Only”, you can change it by hitting the edit button. From there, you can select “Search Network Only” from the dropdown list as shown below.

display network 2 3

  1. If you decide that you want to experiment with the Display Network, don’t use “Display Network with Display Select”.  Create a completely separate campaign.  This allows much more clear reporting and more control for you.  You can create a Display Only campaign, by choosing the “Display Network Only” option from the “Create a new campaign” button.

display network 1

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