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I’m going to move very quickly through this section where I cover Bing Local Listings, Bing Organic listings, and Reviews in Bing.

For more see our Microsoft Ads for Dentists Page.

Bing Local Listings

In this Bing search, I’ve searched for Lone Tree Dentists. As you can see, Bing local listings appear below the ads – and in this case they feature 3 local search results – much like Google Local Listings.

Going back and clicking on where it says “see all business listings”, Bing shows us a map with a lot of local dentist listings in Lone Tree.

We can click on these dental office locations to learn more about the office. As I click on an office, you can see that address, phone and website information is displayed.

You’ll want to fill out your Bing Places listing – which I cover in the next lesson – so that you’ll have a chance to be listed in local search results as shown here.

Bing Organic Search Results

Going back to our original search results page, lets take a look at the organic search results.

Bing’s organic search results are displayed similarly to the way results are displayed in Google. Here, they are below the ads and they are both above and below the local listings.

Organic Results Above Local Listings

Organic Results Below Local Listings

Getting Your Dental Office to Rank Well in Bing

Trying to rank highly in the organic listings for Bing would require the same strategies that you would employee to rank highly for Google. Create fantastic original content on your dental office’s website that is used as a resource and linked to by prominent websites.

The Bing Local Listing Healthcare Carousel

One other Bing result to point out that differs greatly from the Google search results is the carousel at the top of the search results. This appears for healthcare realted fields – including dentists.

It seems that the data for these listings is being pulled from, and possibly It isn’t completely clear what makes dental offices eligible to appear in the carousel.

Another interesting thing is that the map on the search engine results page actually corresponds to the carousel up top – as opposed to the local listings in the left hand column.

As I hover over one of the dots on the map, you’ll notice it matches one of the dentists from the carousel. And as I scroll through the carousel, you’ll notice that the listings on the map change.


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