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Now for the bottom line: Should I use Bing to Promote my Practice?

If you’re going to be on Google AdWords, you should strongly consider being on Bing Ads as well.

Next to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is the second most important place where you should be spending time, effort, and money to promote your practice.

You’ll probably see lower costs each time your ad is clicked, and there’s a strong possibility that you’ll see a lower cost for each phone call or patient visit that you get from Bing versus Google.

The slightly older demographics of Bing make promoting teeth replacement services – like implants or dentures – particularly attractive to experiment with on BingAds.

In addition to using BingAds, you should also claim and completely fill out your Bing Places for business listing.

Well that wraps up Bing and BingAds. In the next module we discuss Facebook.

For more see our Microsoft Ads for Dentists Page.


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