Blogging Wrap Up

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Bottom Line: Should you have a dental blog?

Probably not. I’m sure this is the exact opposite advice you’d hear from most dental marketers, but the fact is that most dentists don’t have the time to maintain and promote an effective blog.

If you’d like to have a blog for the purposes of ranking highly in the search engines, you need to have high quality original content. You also need to promote that content to other websites who find your blog post content useful and they’ll end up linking to you.

If you do decide to blog, I would make it personal. Write about life events of staff members and the community. For example, if your office does a lot of charitable work in the community, that might be worth blogging about and asking for a local news organization to cover the event and to link to your website.

You can outsource your blog content to a marketing company, but make sure that the blog content that they provide you is unique. If your blog contains the exact same blog posts as other websites, there is no benefit to your practice.


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