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Nobody Cares About Your Dental Blog

Just think about it. How riveted are you to your veterinarian’s blog? Are you waiting on pins and needles for the next post in your plumber’s blog?


And Why Should you be? And why should members of your community subscribe to your dental blog?

I’ve seen a lot of dentistry blogs and almost all of them are complete fluff that no one is going to read. This includes your patients or prospective patients in your area.

While I think it is possible that having a blog on your website can be an effective way to drive new patients to your website through SEO – but it isn’t easy. In order to be successful, you need to write very useful, long blog posts that others will find interesting and enjoy reading.

Most importantly, your blog posts need to attract attention and be linked to from other websites. The websites that link to your website and your blog must be websites that are somewhat popular in order for the blog to be effective at bringing more visitors to your website.

Blogging Techniques that No Longer Work for Dentists

  • Blogging Frequently – indications are that it no longer really matters how often you blog – what matters more is the quality of your blog post content and the number of people who found your content interesting enough to read it and link to it.
  • Outsourcing Blog Content – Unless you have a really good company writing your blog content, outsourcing your blog will likely be counterproductive.

As a matter of fact, Many dental marketing companies will post the exact same blog content across multiple dentists blogs.

Worthless Dental Blog Content You Might be Paying For

Here’s an example of the exact same blog content appearing on the sites of over 100 dentists.

In the video above, I don’t want to draw attention to the specific dentists, so I’m going to be obscuring a lot of the information. If you’re outsourcing the writing of your dental blog, you can use this same technique to see if your blog content is unique, or if it is the exact same content that is on hundreds of other dentists blogs and as a result is probably doing you no good whatsoever.

I’ve chosen a dental blog at random. And what I’m doing here is copying a chunk of the first sentence in a post from that blog. I’m going to take the content of that sentence and paste it into Google surrounded by quotes.

When I search for this phrase, you can see that this exact same phrase appears 103 times. This means that 103 dentists have the exact same blog post content on their blog.

While this probably won’t harm you when it comes to ranking well in the search engines, it won’t help you either. Paying for blog content like this is of very little value. Google likes unique content – not duplicate content that is pasted all over the web.

And the value of content like this to your patients is minimal because in the same way you aren’t actively following your plumber’s blog to keep up on the latest in plunger technology, prospects won’t be anxiously awaiting your next blog post on gingivitis or dry socket.



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