How to Evaluate a Dental Marketing Company

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If you decide to hire a dental marketing company, do your research. Here are some keys to remember when evaluating a dental marketing company:

Speak to 3-5 Existing Clients

Ask to speak to 3 – 5 of their existing dentists in locations outside of where you reside to see what kind of results they’re getting.

Client Load

How many other dentists are they taking on in your city? There are a limited number of patients looking for dental services at any given time. If they’re dividing all of their leads up among multiple practices, that may not leave you with many leads

Contract Length

With paid search advertising, you should see results almost instantly. Be very wary of any companies that lock you in to long term contracts with the promise of seeing results after a few months. Often times those results never arrive.


Make sure that you know how many leads you’re getting from the company so that you can determine the return on investment that you’re getting

What is Their Focus

I’m a strong believer in paying the search platforms to get your message out there. The search engine and social media platforms are increasingly moving towards a pay to play model. If you want to get your message out there and get results, you’re going to have to pay. Be wary of any services that use so-called free tactics to generate patients for your business.

There is a tendency among many dental marketing companies to offer every possible marketing tactic under the sun – adwords search ads, adwords display ads, seo, website, twitter, facebook posts, dental blogs, and on and on. Note that many of these tactics won’t drive patients to your practice. Beware of marketing companies trying to add on questionable tactics that only serve to drain your marketing budget.

Be Wary of Low Pricing

Many dental marketing companies offer fairly low attractive monthly fees when compared to other services. If it seems like a bargain, it is probably too good to be true. If you’re spending a couple of hundred bucks a month on nothing, you’re wasting your money. You need to evaluate price in terms of the revenue received for that monthly cost. If you’re not getting anything back, then a low price doesn’t help


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