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When you hear the term “SEO” – which stands for search engine optimization – Google Organic Search results are what people are typically referring to.

Being ranked highly in organic search results for dental services search phrases is great because it will probably result in more traffic for to your dental practice website. But it isn’t as great as it used to be.

You have to scroll way down on the page to even see the top ranked Google organic search result.

As you just saw in the previous video lecture, the first dental office listed in the organic search results was the 14th listing on the page. It required a lot of scrolling to even see that listing.

For locally based dental searches, Google is clearly featuring the ads and the local results for its users to click instead of the organic results.

That said, it is still great if you can be ranked highly in the organic search results, because being ranked highly will increase the chances that a prospective patient will find you and make contact with your office to set up an appointment.

So How Do I get My Dental Office to near the top of the Organic Search Results?

This is the hard part.

Your best chance of ranking well in your area for dental terms is to have a high quality website with lots of original content that website visitors find extremely useful. Your website must be so useful in fact that other websites link to it as a great resource of information. You can’t get just any old website to link to you, you need well respected websites linking to your website in order to receive any sort of benefit.

Even if you do have a high quality website with great content, there is no guarantee that you’ll rank well with Google. You’re probably going to have to promote your website by contacting influential people directly who might find it interesting – and hoping that they’ll share your content and link to your website.

So, to recap the keys to ranking well are:

  • High Quality Website
  • In-Depth, Original Content Your website should have in depth orginal content – a lot of dental offices have a marketing agency do their blog for them. The problem is that that many marketing companies post the exact same content on hundreds of other dental blogs as well. Usually these syndicated blog posts are fluff pieces that no one would ever want to read like “3 steps to avoid gingivitis” or “how to cure chronically bad breath”. Articles that appear on your blog and in tons of other places aren’t helping you.
  • Your Blog Should be a Resource to Others Others must find it useful. Information about the day to day activities in your office and in your town could be interesting and helpful to readers
  • High Quality Incoming Links Other quality websites must find your information useful enough to link to it. As an example, if you have an upcoming charity event where you’re providing free dental work for the disadvantaged, write a blog post about your charitable work. Let local news agencies know about it by contacting them. Maybe they’ll be kind enough to link to your site to let others know about the good work that your office does.

Other SEO Considerations for Dental Offices

Now lets discuss some other considerations when it comes to SEO for your dental office

Location Matters
If your office is in a large metro area, it will likely be extremely difficult to get your website to rank well in organic search. If you’re in a small town, with relatively few dental competitors, your chances of ranking well in organic search are much greater.

Doing SEO by Yourself is Hard
Building a high quality website with great content that others use as a resource isn’t something that is easy for you – the full time dentist – to do by yourself.

You may have some luck if you’re in a small town with little competition – but in most cases, you’ll need to hire an outside agency to help you with SEO.

Hiring an SEO Agency
Having success with SEO probably isn’t something you’re going to be able to do yourself. The problem is, there are many more bad SEO firms out there than there are trustworthy SEO firms.

You have to be extremely careful if you do select an SEO firm to help your agency rank well in organic search. Google is continuously updating its ranking algorithms, so your rankings can change frequently.

For example, one day you can be ranked very highly for a search term like “smithfield dentists” and the next day you could be buried three pages deep.

If Google finds that the SEO firm that you have hired is using tactics that are against the Google Webmaster Guidelines – your site can be removed from the search engine listings completely.

Do your due dilligence if you decide to hire an SEO Agency. Talk to at least 3 of their clients to hear their experiences before you sign a contract.

In the last section of this course – I’ll show you how to legally spy on competing dentists using tools like SpyFu, SEMRush and Ispionage to determine what search phrases your competitors rank well for – as well as what websites are linking into their websites.

Sometimes, getting the same or similar incoming links can help your dental website rank better.

Well that covers Organic search results and steps you can take to get your dental office to rank better.

In the next section, we cover local search results.



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