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For Yelp and other advertising platforms for dentists, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Dental Ads. But for now, let’s talk about Yelp advertising.

For more see our Yelp Ads for Dentists page.

Yelp Pricing – Kind of a Secret

Yelp doesn’t really publish their pricing, so you’ll have to contact a Yelp sales rep to figure out how much Yelp ads would cost.

But before doing that, i would advise that you find dentists in another town paying for Yelp Ads and call them. Ask them if they’ve been able to measure the impact of Yelp ads on their business.

Now we’re going to take a look at the specifics of the Yelp advertising platform.

Yelp Ad Types

Yelp Ads consists of two major components: Targeted Ads, and Upgraded Profile.

Targeted Ads

We’re going to start off by Looking at Targeted Ads.

Targeted ads for your dental practice can appear in a couple of places on the Yelp.

The first place targeted ads can appear is in the Yelp search results. Here, we have conducted a search on Yelp for Lone Tree Dentists.

As you can see, the first two results – that I’m higlighting here – are ads for dentists. If the searcher clicks on your ad, they are taken to your Yelp listing – and not your dental office’s website.


The results below the advertisements are like the organic results in Google and Bing. These aren’t paid search results. You need to have a Yelp page established, but you don’t need to advertise in order for dental office to be listed in these results.

Both ads and the regular search results are very similar. They contain your listing photo, Review Summary, services provided, address, phone number, and a sample review.

So, that’s the first place an ad for your dental practice can appear – is within the Yelp search results.

The other location your ad can appear is on the Yelp page of competing dentists.

I’m going to go ahead and click on the first result here that isn’t an ad. When I arrive on the listing for that dental office, we can see that there are ads for other dental practices on their Yelp Page.


So, if you advertise with Yelp, your ads can appear on the pages of competing dentists as well as within the Yelp Search Results.

Upgraded Profiles

Besides targeted ads, the other big feature of Yelp Ads is an upgraded profile. There are two types of upgraded profiles.

A branded profile allows you to show a photo slideshow and a video as part of your listing. You can even have buttons on your listing that allow visitors to set up appointments or learn more about your special promotions.

An enhanced profile contains everything that is in your branded profile plus it removes all competitor ads from your dental office listing.

Let’s take a look to see how branded and enhanced profiles look.

I’m going to enter the name of one of the dental offices that advertises on Yelp here. I don’t want to click on their ad because I don’t want my click to cost them money.

On their page, you can see that they have the benefits of a both a branded profile and an enhanced profile. You can see the photo slideshow that they have up top. This office also has a “Book Now” button which serves as a call to action and is part of having a branded profile. You can also buy a gift certificate right from their Yelp page.


You can also tell that the office is paying for an enhanced profile, because there are no ads for competing dentists on the page.

So that covers Yelp advertising features.

Yelp Advertising Shortcoming

An obvious disadvantage of Yelp advertising is that when someone clicks on your Yelp ad, they are taken to your Yelp listing and not your practice’s website.

You can control your message on your own website – on your Yelp page you can’t.

Here’s an example where that could be a problem. It is possible that you could pay for a Yelp user to click on your ad and that you have one or more negative reviews at the top of your listing. In that case, you’d essentially be paying for people to arrive on your Yelp listing to see that you have bad reviews.

While I certainly think Yelp has problems with its algorithms I do know dentists that have had success with Yelp. As with any marketing opportunity – if you can get a solid return on investment, then go for it.

But when it comes to Yelp – definitely do your due diligence and talk to noncompeting dentists in other towns to get them to share their experience with Yelp.


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