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Twitter is a social media platform where users express themselves using 280 character “tweets” where they broadcast their thoughts to the world. Be sure to check out our complete guide on how to effectively promote your dental practice – and how Twitter factors in to getting more patients.

Twitter users have the option of “following” other twitter users – sometimes celebrities, companies, or friends that they find interesting.

When you follow a twitter user you’ll see tweets from that user in your Twitter timeline. In general, tweets from all the users that you follow are in chronological order – with the newest tweets being on top.

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The Twitter Timeline – Older Tweets Unlikely to Be Seen

So, let’s now take a look at my twitter home page. As you can see the most recent tweet from someone I’m following appears at the top of my timeline. As I scroll down, the tweets get older and older. Unless you log into Twitter frequently, you’re likely going to miss a lot of tweets from people that you follow.

So, if you want to promote your dental office on Twitter by tweeting, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck. Due to the chronological nature of the Twitter timeline, your Tweets are likely to get buried in the timelines of Twitter users that are following you. The result is that most of your tweets probably won’t even be seen.

So, hoping to get new patients by Tweeting for free probably isn’t going to work for you.

Advertising on Twitter

However, if you advertise on Twitter, you can be more certain that Twitter users will end up seeing your ad.

So let’s take a look at the Twitter advertising interface

So, I’m in my Twitter ad account. Once you have a twitter campaign, you can go to to advertise.

I’m going to show you an overview of how to create a promoted tweet. Here, you can see a promoted tweet in my timeline. As you can see, the promoted tweet appears at or near the top of my timeline. The tweet is also labelled as being a promoted tweet.

These promoted tweets are similar to regular tweets with a couple of exceptions.

First, when you create a promoted tweet, you can reach a targeted audience. You can target by state, metro area or zip code. For example, you could use a promoted tweet to reach Twitter users that are in zip codes in and around your dental office.

Second, promoted tweets won’t get buried on user timelines. They’ll appear at or near the top of a user timeline, so you can feel confident that your target audience will in fact have a good chance of seeing your promoted tweet.

Twitter Ad Campaign Setup

Here, I’m setting up a new ad campaign in Twitter. From all the options here, we want instant results. So we’re going to go ahead and click “website clicks or conversions”. This option fits best with getting new patients calling your office.

On the next page, we’re asked to name our campaign and establish a budget. You can also establish start dates and end dates for your ad campaign if you’re offering a limited time only special. Otherwise, you can just set ads to run continuously.

Next, you have to have a “tweet” that you’d like to promote. It can be an existing tweet, or you can create a new one. As part of this promoted tweet, you’ll want to have a relevant eye catching image, and a link to a page on the website that closely matches your promoted tweet. If a Twitter users clicks on the link within your promoted tweet, they are brought to your website where you can encourage them to contact your office and set up an appointment.

Next, you’ll have to to target your ads to the appropriate Twitter users. You can target by gender, location, interests, keywords, and you can even target users based on who THEY follow on Twitter.

The most relevant targeting option for dentists is to target by Twitter user’s locations. This allows you to get your ads in front of twitter users that are close to your office. You can target in your metro area – and you can even target down to the zip code level.

After you select an audience, you select a total ad group budget and a bid type.

Twitter works like search engine advertising in that you can set it up so that you’re only charged when someone clicks on the link in your promoted tweet. So you’re only paying when someone is delivered to your website.

Should You Advertise your dental office on Twitter?

Probably not.

The fact that you can advertise down to the zip code level is appealing, but unless you’re getting really creative with your advertising techniques, the Twitter users that you reach with your ads likely aren’t looking for a dentist and aren’t in the mood to learn about your dental practice.

While I’m sure that there are dentists out there who have had success advertising on Twitter, I would at least try search engine advertising on Google and Bing prior to giving Twitter a shot. Facebook would be my first choice for social media advertising before considering Twitter.

If you do decide to try Twitter on your own, be sure to take advantage of the option to set a total budget at the campaign level to prevent costs from getting out of hand.


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