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The best way to get noticed on Facebook is through advertising.

Just like the search engines and other social media platforms – to really get noticed by your community and prospective patients, advertising is essential. Just posting to your Facebook page in an attempt to get people to like and share your posts would probably just be a huge waste of your time – as I’ll discuss in a future lesson. To see Facebook and all other advertising options, view our Ultimate Guide to Dental Ads.

Fortunately Facebook has a very robust advertising platform that you can use to get your practice noticed.

For more see our Facebook Ads for Dentists Page.

Facebook Ads Appear in User’s News Feed

When you do advertise with Facebook – your ad will appear right in the user’s news feed as you can see here. The advertisement will be labelled as a suggested post – and appears as if it is naturally part of the Facebook user’s feed.

With Facebook it is going to be trial and error – but there are two main ways that your dental office will want to approach advertising on Facebook.

The first is targeting people within a certain radius of your office. The second approach is called remarketing and it involves Facebook advertising to prospective patients who have already visited your main dental website

I’m going to discuss both of these options briefly right now.

Facebook Targeting Options

First – we’ll discuss targeting specific demographics within a radius around your office.

This is the Facebook interface, and it gives you a lot of targeting options.

First we’re going to focus on the radius around the office. Here we’re targeting a 10 mile radius around Pueblo, Colorado where our office is located. We use the Facebook slider to move the radius from its default value of 25 miles down to 10 miles.

We can also use additional targeting options. With Facebook, you can target by age – which can be helpful when advertising for procedures like dental implants or wisdom teeth extraction – which defintely have a targeted age group.

You can also target by gender and even target by peoples interests or behaviors. This comes down to what kind of pages that they like or follow. All of these options help you to target your ad in Facebook. There are a lot more options that what you see here, but this gives you a quick look.

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the radius targeting around your office to only reach the potential pool of likely patients.

Facebook Remarketing

Another way to get new patients is through remarketing.

Remarketing on Facebook works like this:

First, you go into your advertising account in Facebook and get a Facebook Pixel.

A pixel is a piece of computer code that you put on your website. This computer code allows you to advertise *on Facebook* to anyone that has visited your dental website. It works like this.

A prospective patient comes to your website. But then they leave. They either get distracted or run out of time or are doing research on a lot of different dental offices. They’re not ready to call quite yet.

This is where remarketing comes in. Once you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, those visitors who have already visited your website are now eligible to see your ad on Facebook

Next, the prospective patient goes to their Facebook account and sees an ad for your practice. Since this prospect has already expressed interest in your dental services by visiting your site, they click on your ad, are brought back to your dental site and call you to make an appointment.

Remarketing allows you to have a second chance to get prospective patients that have already expressed interest in your services to pick up the phone and contact you.

While advertising on Facebook isn’t necessarily the best way to get new patients, it does have sophisticated targeting and remarketing options that make Facebook advertising worth exploring for most dentists.



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