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I have two points to make about Facebook Likes and Follows

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Likes and Follows Aren’t That Important Anymore (except for Remarketing)

OK – well what are likes and follows?

Once your business page is established, you will have like and follow buttons on your page – similar to those shown here.

Facebook users can come to your dental office’s page and choose to either like or to follow your practice. Clicking on either like or follow makes them eligible to potentially receive updates from your dental office in their Facebook newsfeed.

In reality those who like or follow your practice probably won’t ever see updates from your practice.

If you post specials or news to your dental office’s Facebook page, you can expect around two percent of the people who like or follow your Facebook page to ever see the message.

That’s right – only two percent. That is a dismal, depressing number – which makes you wonder if posting to your practice’s Facebook page is even worth the effort.

This percentage used to be much higher. When a business posted to their Facebook page, those who followed that business would more than likely see the updates.

The reason for this change in restricting you from reaching your Facebook followers is pretty obvious – Facebook wants you to *pay* to get your message in front of prospective patients. Facebook is clearly steering business owners towards advertising in order to get their message seen by followers.

Let me be clear, you should have a Facebook page for your dental office. And there is nothing wrong with keeping it updated periodically.

But you don’t want to spend a lot of time on Facebook trying to get people to like or follow your business page. There is a good chance that people who like or follow you will see very few – if any – of your updates.

Where likes and follows can be helpful is building a list of Facebook users to advertise to.

Should I Buy Likes & Followers?

Believe it or not, there are actually services out there where you can buy likes and followers for your dental office’s Facebook page. These services artificially boost the perceived popularity of your practice.

This is a bad idea because you want people who like and follow your practice to be patients – or prospective patients.

Its also a bad idea because as I just mentioned, focusing on likes and followers really isn’t likely to be of much benefit to your practice – as most people won’t see your posts anyway.

Finally – and this one may be the most important reason to not try to buy your way into popularity – is that buying likes and followers may actually be illegal according to the FTC.

According to the FTC, buying likes and follows is a deceptive act and both the purchaser and the seller of the fake “likes” could face enforcement action

So to sum it up, likes and followers really aren’t all that helpful for your dental office, and trying to game the system by buying likes and followers could get you in trouble with the Federal Government.



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