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Like Google and Bing, there are both paid ways and free ways to get your practice noticed on Facebook.

As with Google and Bing, Facebook exists to make money, so to be most effective, you have to pay to get new patients.

In this module on Facebook, we cover:

  • Facebook Business Pages – To participate in getting free and paid clicks on Facebook, you need to set up your business page first
  • Facebook Advertising – Advertising on Facebook is the best way to get people to notice your dental office and potentially become patients
  • Facebook Likes and Shares – Likes and shares are free on Facebook, and can help your dental practice to some extent, but their effectiveness is actually pretty minimal as I’ll explain
  • Facebook Reviews – Reviews on Facebook are extremely important for your dental office. Facebook reviews appear not only on Facebook – but they actually appear on Google search engine results pages as well. You need to have a Facebook review strategy.

Finally, I wrap up this section by discussing the areas of Facebook that your dental office should focus on.

For more see our Facebook Ads for Dentists Page.


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