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Getting Facebook reviews for your dental practice is extremely important.

Facebook reviews don’t only appear on Facebook.

If someone searches for your dental practice on Google, your Facebook reviews can actually appear on the search engine results page.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

In this search, you can see that there is a 5 star Facebook review within the google search results. There is also a Facebook review rating as part of the Google My Business listing in the right hand column.

Maintaining positive Facebook reviews is important for your dental practice, because it may be prominently displayed on the Google Search results when someone searches for your dental practice.

So, you need to make sure that patients can review your dental practice.

For more see our Facebook Ads for Dentists Page.

Turning on Reviews for Your Facebook Business Page

To turn on reviews, you’ll first go to your Facebook page and click on settings.

Next, in the left column, you’ll click edit page.

You’ll scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the “Add a Tab” button

Then select “Add Tab” next to reviews.

People can now review your dental office.

I have provided the official Facebook documentation for enabling or disabling reviews at the bottom of this page.

Getting Facebook Reviews

The best way to get good Facebook reviews is to ask.

Facebook doesn’t provide many guidelines as far as reviews are concerned, but the same principles apply for Facebook as apply to Google:

  • Real Patients – Only patients that have received your services should leave reviews
  • No Incentives – You can’t incentivize reviews in any way – including gifts, discounts or promotions
  • Patients Use Their Own Device – Patients should leave reviews using their own device – either their smartphone or computer – don’t set up a review station in your dental office or else Facebook may delete the reviews as they can tell based on your computer’s IP address where the review came in from. A bunch of reviews coming in from the same computer will likely set off a red flag

I will cover reviews in more depth later in this course. There, I will help you to develop a strategy to make it easier for every patient to review your dental office



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