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Should I use Facebook to promote my dental practice?

Yes. You need to set up a Facebook page for your dental office and enable reviews.

You can post office updates to your Facebook page, but I wouldn’t become obsessive about it as most Facebook users who follow or like your dental office will never see those updates.  Likes and followers can be helpful for ad campaigns.

As far as Facebook advertising is concerned, I think for most dental offices, Google AdWords and BingAds will likely offer the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

However, once you have an established Google AdWords and BingAds campaigns, the next logical step would be to experiment with Facebook Advertising.

The remarketing capabilities make Facebook exceptionally attractive. You can take the paid traffic from Google or Bing and advertise to these interested prospective patients relatively inexpensively.

Not all website visitors will make that initial contact upon visiting your website, remarketing gives you a chance to market to them once again in a cost effective manner.

To sum up – Facebook can help you to effectively market your dental practice.


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