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A relatively inexpensive way to get Facebook and Google reviews is to create a small handout to give to patients at the conclusion of their visit. Have a staff member provide the visitor with the piece of paper and express how much they would very much appreciate them leaving your practice an online review.

On this handout, you’ll have an easy to type link for your review page. The patient can then get on their smartphone or their computer at home and leave you a review.

Creating a Review Handout

Right Now, I’m going to show you how to set it up for Google reviews, but you can set it up for Facebook reviews in the exact same manner.

Search for Your Office

First, make sure you’re logged into Google with your google account.

Next, search for your dental office. Here, I’m searching for a nearby office that I have no affiliation with just to show you how it works.

What I’m going to do now is click on the “Write a Review” button. This takes me directly to the screen where visitors can post reviews for your practice.

So I’m going to go up here and copy the the website address – and this is a direct link to where the review box is for Google.

It is a ridiculously long url that would be difficult for someone to remember or to type in, so what we’re going to do is run this through what they call a URL shortener.

URL Shorteners

There are a couple of URL shortener options. The first one is A shortener provided by Google. As I paste the URL into this shortener, you can see Google greatly shortens the website address which makes it easier to print on materials, and easier for patients to enter into their web browser to give you a review.

This is helpful and you can use this. The best part is that no signup is required. However, there is an even better, easier way to get a url shortener for your review pages.

I would advise going to bitly – You can sign up for a free account, and then create easy to remember custom links.

Once I’m on, I click on the “Create bitlink” button in the upper right. I then paste that really long link for the google review page.

Now the best part, I can edit the link that is generated – here I changed the link to be

When I paste this link into my web browser, it takes me directly to the place where I can leave a review for the dental office.

I can follow this same exact process to get a link for Facebook reviews.

Print Out Your Review Card on a Business Card or Postcard

Once I have these links, I can print them out on a piece of paper and hand them out to patients as they leave the office.

If you really want to step up your game a little bit, go to a printing site like Vistaprint and get review cards printed out that you can hand to patients. Here you can see what sample review cards would like. Whether you get review cards that are business card sized – or the size of postcards – you’ll find that the prices are pretty inexpensive.

And remember with these review cards, you don’t want to have an overly busy design. Keep it simple, and make sure the review link stands out. The whole point of the review card is to get the review.

I wouldn’t even add your phone number, address or doctor names. Keep it single purpose and simple. Hopefully using some of the techniques here can help you get some more reviews at a really low price.



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