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Now we’re going to discuss Google Ads advertising on the Google Display network. For a comprehensive look at how to market your practice using all methods (including display ads) , please take a look at our ultimate guide to Dental Advertising.

For more information see our Google Ads for Dentists page.

The Google Display Network is a network of over 1 million sites that display Google Ads ads.

Here is an example of a website that shows Google Display ads:

Display ads come in a variety of formats. Here, you can see two display ads on a website – one banner on the top of the site – and another banner on the right hand side of the website.

This is a reference website for web development. Your dental ad wouldn’t do well on this site.

As with many of the websites on the Google Display Network, the site visitors on this site aren’t looking for dental services. They’re here to view the content of the site and likely aren’t all that interested in ads.

As a local dentist, you want no part of the Display Network.

You don’t want an ad for your practice to appear as a display ad on a random site on the Google Display Network. These people aren’t high value prospects who are actively searching for dentists.

Make Sure Your Ads Are Only Running on the Search Network – Not the Display Network

When you’re creating a campaign in Google Ads, the only option that really makes sense for most dentists is “Search Network Only”. You can see this setting here.

If you’re currently running an Google Ads campaign, make sure that the campaign is running on the search network only – you don’t want your campaign to be running on “Search Network with Display Select”. If you are running a campaign with Display Select, your ads are running on the Display Network.

Some marketers will automatically put your ads on the Google Display Network. This is a poor use of your marketing funds and is unlikely to result in any new patients. It will however raise your costs – and the revenue of your marketing agency if that agency is paid based on a percentage of your overall ad spend.

So what is the Google Display Network For Then?

Well, the Display Network is best used for branding purposes. For example, if you had 5 dental offices within the same city branding your office on Google’s Display Network may make sense for you.

The Google Display Network may also make sense if you have a large, busy office in a large metropolitan area with lots of visitors to your website. In that case, you may wish to reach those visitors again through a tactic called remarketing. Remarketing is beyond the scope of this course, but a link is provided below.

For most dentists watching this video, branding and remarkting with Google Ads aren’t an option and you shouldn’t participate in the Google Display Network.

You will get the best results by taking advantage of the search network and getting your advertisements in front of people who are actively searching for your dental services. These are the people who are motivated to click on your ad, pick up the phone and call you to set up an appointment.

Well that covers the Display Network and why I advise almost all dentists to stay away.



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