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Should your Dental Office use Google Ads?

Absolutely yes. And I’ll explain what will probably work best for you based on your situation in a moment.

But first I want to address a big concern that many dentists have – and that is

“I’ve tried Google Ads in the past and it didn’t work”

This is an extremely common experience among dentists. As a matter of fact, at least half of my current clients who I manage Google Ads campaigns for fall into this category. Because Google Ads didn’t work for you in the past doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

There are typically very good reasons for failure.

The typical reasons I’ve seen for failure fall into one of the following categories:

  • Inexperience or Lack of Time
  • Wrong Marketing Agency
  • Dental Office Staff Not Available or Not Well Trained

For more information see our Google Ads for Dentists page.

Inexperience or Lack of Time

Some dentists try to manage Google Ads by themselves and don’t have the background or the time to make the Google Ads campaigns successful. You’re providing quality care to your patients and managing staff – that leaves almost no room for managing Google Ads properly. As a result, you can easily spend a lot of money without getting positive results.

Wrong Marketing Agency

Another reason why Google Ads may not work is due to hiring the wrong marketing agency. Some dentists work with agencies that promise big Google Ads results but don’t deliver.

Often times working with a web developer or SEO company that happens to offer Google Ads as an add-on results in failure.

Your best chances for success are working with a company that specializes in Google Ads. Google Partners has a list of qualified agencies – interview many of them and one will likely meet your needs. In a later section of this course, I provide you some keys in selecting an agency that will be a fit for you.

Dental Office Staff Not Available or Not Well Trained

Another big reason for Google Ads failure is dental office staff. There are situations where good leads are being sent to the front desk at the dental office and aren’t being handled properly. I myself am aware of calls where lucrative implant leads were being wasted when the front desk person told the implant lead to call back next week when the doctor was available. For Google Ads to work properly, your staff must be available to pick up the phone, and they must be able to properly handle incoming leads

So even if you have failed to get patients using Google Ads in the past, it is definitely worth your time to try again.

So What Should your Google Ads Strategy Be?

I covered three key Google Ads Approaches and How they can help you market your practice online. Here’s how they all shake out.

Google Ads on the Search Network (Recommended)

I highly recommend that you take advantage of Google Ads on the search network only. It provides the best chance for you to be successful. It does however require a lot of effort. If you have the time and expertise to handle it yourself, great – otherwise I would highly suggest hiring a qualified marketing agency to run your campaigns.

Google Ads on the Display Network (Don’t Do It)

If you do run an Google Ads campaign, make sure you aren’t running ads on the display network. The Display Network is best for branding purposes, not for generating patient leads.

Google Ads Express (Consider for Minimum Effort On Your Part)

If you just want to try Google Ads out and let Google do most of the management of your advertising campaign, you may see good results with Google Ads Express.

That sums up Google Ads and why I think almost all dentists should be using Google Ads to get more patients.



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