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Following up on the last module where I discussed getting your dental practice noticed through Google paid search using Google AdWords, in this section, we’ll discuss the different ways to market your practice for free in Google.

There are really two main ways that your business can appear in the “free” or organic listings on Google:

  • Local Organic Results – which I will call “Local Results”
  • Standard Organic Results which I will call “Organic Results”

I’m going to go ahead and type in “Denver Dentists” – and you can see the search engine results.

AdWords Ads – Dominate the Results

The top of the page is dominated by Google AdWords Ads. There are four total ads, and you can’t even see any organic listings until you scroll down.

Local Results – Visible Only After We Scroll Down

When we do scroll down a bit – we see the local results which are shown below the map. There are three local results shown here.

Google Organic Search Results at the Bottom of the Page

Finally, below the local results are the Organic results.

Taking a look at the organic results – you’ll notice in this case, that Yelp and other directory listings or aggregator websites – as opposed to actual dental offices – dominate the organic search results for Denver Dentists. The first actual dental office is the seventh listing down in the organic listings.

When you combine the ads, the local results, and the other organic search results, the first actual dental office is the fourteenth listing on the page – almost all the way to the bottom. You have to scroll down quite a bit to even see the first dental office listing in the organic search results.

While there can be value with organic search results, Google is definitely emphasizing paid and local search results much more than organic search results for dentists as you can see on this search results page.

Now that you have an overview of local and organic search results and where they appear on the search results page, you’re ready to move on to the next sections. In those sections I discuss methods that you can use to attempt to get your dental office to rank well for local and organic search results.


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