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Lets wrap up this section

Should you use Google’s Free Search Options to get more patients to your dental practice.

In this section we covered two places within Google where a link to your dental office can be listed for free:

  • Organic Results
  • Local Search Results
Organic Results

While it is great to be ranked high for dental related searches in Google organic search results, it is extremely difficult to do this by yourself. The importance of google organic search results is also somewhat diminished by ads dominating the search results.

Local Search Results

The next Free area that your dental practice may be listed is within the Google Local Search Results – Google Local search results usually have the highest position of all of the free results (just below the ads). You absolutely must claim your Google My Business listing and make it as complete as possible. You should also do what you can to get reviews from patients with Google accounts to assist with your rankings in the local search results.

Of the two areas, I would spend the most time initially on making sure that your Google My business listing is complete.

After that, you can start working on doing well in the organic search results, but remember, Free isn’t always free.

It can be very time consuming to create a high quality dental site that gets a lot of incoming links and ranks well in Google. While the listing may be free, the effort and expense to rank in the organic search results can be quite costly.

That’s why I would advise most dental offices to work on their Google My Business listing and paid ads prior to trying to rank well in the organic search listings.


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