Google Paid Marketing Overview

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In this section, I’ll be covering Google paid resources – which means Google Ads. For more information see our Google Ads for Dentists page.

Google Ads: Search Network

Google Ads on the Google Search Network is covered in the next lesson, and if you’re like most dentists, it is the best way to get new patients to your practice using Internet marketing. In that section, I’ll talk specifically about how Google Ads works, and how I think it is the very first place you should start when looking to promote your dental practice online.

Google Ads: Display Network

Next I move on to discuss the Google Ads Display Network. With the Google Ads Display Network, you can advertise on a huge variety of Internet websites. The section will be brief, because with very rare exceptions, most dental practices will want to avoid the Google Display Network. After Covering the Google Ads Display Network, I talk About Google Ads Express.

Google Ads Express

Now while I do recommend advertising on the Google Ads Search Network, Google Ads is getting increasingly more complex as time passes. It really helps to have a trained professional run your Google Ads account, as the odds are very good that your successful competitors have professionals running their Google Ads accounts. Google Ads Express is an alternative to running your own complex Google Ads campaigns or hiring someone else to do it. Google Ads Express is a highly automated version of Google Ads where Google does a lot of the work for you. It is lower maintenance, but I would say it also has less potential for success than the standard version of Google Ads on the Search network. Any sort of marketing that you put on autopilot and hope for the best will have a limited upside.

Google Paid Marketing Wrap up

Finally, I’ll wrap up this module and give my opinion on whether or not you should consider Google Ads – or Google Ads Express – as a way to market your dental practice.



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