How to Get Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

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Google Reviews has its own lecture in this course because it is extremely important.

Let’s take a look at just how important Google Reviews really are.

First we’re going to search for dentists in Phoenix. You’ll notice that numerous offices are listed in the local listings – with a Google Review star rating for each one.

You’ll want to make sure you provide great quality care and that you actively solicit reviews from your patients so that your local listing stands out.

Notice also, that we’ll just search for one of these dental offices – from the original listing – and you’ll see that the Google My Business Listing for the dental office appears very prominently on the right side.

This listing contains a lot of the information from your Google business listing – like hours phone number, photos and more.

But it also contains Google Reviews and reviews from around the web – sometimes including Facebook.

As we click on the reviews link, we can see all of the individual reviews that patients have submitted for this office.

It is essential that you actively seek Google reviews from your patients.

How do you get Google Reviews?

Quite simply, you ask.

The key is to make it part of your every day process when dealing with patients. As the front desk is wrapping up with a patient, encoruage the patient to leave an honest review about your services on your Google listing.

You don’t want to ask all of your patients at once to leave you a review, the review process must be a natural one. In other words if you don’t have any reviews and then get 100 on a day, that will look suspicsous to Google and the reviews may be removed. Just make obtaining reviews part of your overall process, and you’ll start to see those reviews roll in.

Let’s cover the do’s and don’ts of Google Reviews – as getting reviews can be different for each of the major review websites.

First the Dos :

  • Do ask for honest reviews
  • Do make sure reviews are from actual patients that have visited your office


  • Incentivize reviews – this means no coupons / cash / prizes / discounts in exchange for reviews – they can’t receiving anything in exchange for a review – the FTC is actively pursuing companies that have incentivized reviews
  • Set up review stations or kiosks in your dental office – they need to fill out their review on their own smartphone or computer – not one of your office computers or ipads
  • Have employees or family review your office
I’m going to bottom line it for you right here.

Google reviews are extremely important for your practice, and you need to make sure that obtaining reviews from patients is a key piece of your overall process when dealing with patients.



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