Instagram for Dentists

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Instagram is a social networking app that allows its users to share photos. Users set up an account and can post images and video to their account. They can also follow other Instagram users and see their photos in their Instagram feed.

Instagram Advertising

You can advertise on Instagram through your Facebook account – but you probably shouldn’t. Please view our comprehensive dental advertising guide for more information on where you should be advertising your dental practice.

Instagram users are focused on looking at all of the pretty pictures of the people they follow. Instagram users aren’t actively looking for dentists while on Instagram. They likely aren’t in the mood to be interrupted by advertising they may find annoying.

Instagram would probably work best for businesses larger than a typical dental office. Instagram is probably best for branding and awareness as opposed to getting an immediate lead from an ad.

Instagram: The Bottom Line

When it comes to Social Media advertising, I would skip Instagram.


Instagram Advertising Through Facebook


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