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Now I’m going to discuss promotional opportunities for your practice on LinkedIn. For a comprehensive look at how to market your practice on LinkedIn and other ad platforms, please take a look at our ultimate guide to Dental Advertising.

LinkedIn is a professional social media networking platform. People keep their resumes up to date on LinkedIn and connect with other professionals – sometimes in an attempt to look for new business opportunities.

LinkedIn does have advertising options – which are ideally suited to job recruiters who are looking for candidates to fill open job positions. Since LinkedIn is a place for business networking, it isn’t the best place to advertise to find new patients.

That said, I’ll do a quick look at LinkedIn Advertising.

LinkedIn Advertising

With LinkedIn Advertising, you can have sponsored content ads appear in user’s LinkedIn profile within their news feed.

LinkedIn also has text ads which are smaller and appear on the right side of some pages.

Bottom Line: Avoid LinkedIn Advertising

Within LinkedIn, you can target LinkedIn users by location and by job title. Targeting by location is always a nice option to have, but other than larger dental offices with multiple locations, it probably wouldn’t make sense to advertise on LinkedIn. For offices with multiple locations there may be a branding opportunity just to get your name out there – but all other dentists should definitely pass on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Advertising


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