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Responding to reviews.

It is highly recommended that once your receive reviews on Google or Facebook, that you respond to those reviews.

One word of caution – there are some – mostly attorneys of course – who think that responding to patient reviews online could be a violation of HIPAA.

I’m not a legal expert and you’ll have to decide for yourself or with an attorney how to best handle reviews for your practice.

For most businesses, responding to reviews shows that you’re an engaged business owner and are responsive to the needs of your patients or customers.

Again for most businesses, after receiving a positive review, you’ll want to acknowledge that your office strives to do its best for its patients and thank them for their review.

Responding to Negative Reviews

For negative reviews – this one is a little bit more complicated, but your response to negative reviews is much more about the prospective patients looking at the reviews than it is to the person who left the negative review. The key is to not get into an argument with the patient – a public forum like a review site is not the place for an argument and can be damaging to your business. You want to show all others who are reading the review that the experience of the reviewer was not typical – and that you’re doing what you can to fix the problem or make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Again, whether or not you can even acknowledge that they are a patient is a bit murky with regards to HIPAA.

If you are sympathetic and handle negative reviews properly – or even handle any issues regarding the review offline – in many cases the reviewer will take down their negative review.

You can petition Google or Facebook to remove the review if the reviews are inappropriate due to content – and perhaps if the person wasn’t an actual patient Review websites do have rules against impersonating real patients.

I’ve provided links on handling and removing bad reviews on this page.



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