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If you’re serious about getting reviews for your practice – and you should be – you’ll probably want to invest in some review software.

There are a lot of software companies out there that offer review management and online reputation management.

Google & Facebook Reviews Matter – Private Platforms Don’t

You’re going to want to select a review company that generates Google and Facebook reviews – as opposed to generating reviews within that software company’s own platform.

Companies like DemandForce and RateABiz collect reviews for their own website – rather than enabling your patients to easily leave reviews on Google and Facebook. Reviews from companies like these also don’t usually show up in the search results – further limiting the value that they provide from a reviews standpoint.

A few companies that you may wish to consider trying out are Get Five Stars, Bird Eye and Grade.US.

Grade.US Walkthrough

Grade.US is primarily geared towards marketing agencies and not business owners, but the concepts behind these review services are pretty similar. I have set up Grade.US for a few of my clients, so I’m going to walk you through the process of how it works right now. I imagine that Get Five Stars, Bird Eye and other review services are somewhat similar.

Once you’ve signed up for an account on Grade.US, you can set up a custom subdomain so that your patients can very easily leave you reviews. For example, a custom subdomain would be something like

You’ll provide this subdomain to your patients. You can give them a review card for them to leave a review on their phone or at home. Or better yet, you can send them a link in an email as part of your follow up process after they visit your office.

When they enter your review site, they are presented with a couple of quick options – to give your office a thumbs up or a thumbs down based on their experience.

Positive Reviews Encouraged to Leave a Review on Facebook or Google

If they give a thumbs up, they are given the option to go directly to the reviews page at one of a number of available review sites. Here, the patient is given the option to choose either Facebook or Google. If we click on Google, some quick instructions are provided and the user is encouraged to click on the big red “click to review us on google” button.

When they click on the button, they are taken directly a web page where they can leave a review for your practice.

Had they clicked on Facebook instead, the review process works in a similar fashion. The patient will be taken to the page on Facebook that will allow them to easily leave a review.

Negative Reviews go to a Feedback Form

Going back to the original page, if they clicked on the thumbs down button, They’re encouraged to fill out a form that will land in your inbox. This helps your dental office learn of any issues that patients are encountering so that you can directly address those issues – especially before an unsatisfied patient leaves a negative review on the web.

Getting reviews is essential for your practice. Remember that the best review software will make it easy for your patients to leave reviews where it matters – Google and Facebook.



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