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Reviews are extremely important for your office.

When someone searches for dental services in your area on Google, they’re likely to see Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and even Yelp reviews – all with their own star ratings.

It is vitally important that you and your entire staff provide quality care to your patients, and that your patients are encouraged to provide honest reviews of your practice. It is also key that reviews aren’t incentivized in any way.

Don’t Incentivize Reviews

When I say no incentives, I mean that you can’t offer contest prizes, cash, discounts, or any other goodies to encourage your patients to leave you a review.

Incentivized reviews can actually land you in hot water with the FTC.

No “Review Kiosks”

You also don’t want to set up a review station (like an IPad) in your office where patients can leave reviews. For some review sites that is strictly prohibited – and even where it isn’t, the review sites can tell that all the reviews are coming from the same location or device. This will cast doubt on the legitimacy of those reviews and potentially result in those reviews being removed.

Can You Ask For Facebook and Google Reviews?

It is within Google’s terms of service to ask patients directly for honest reviews.

Facebook’s documentation on reviews is limited, but I couldn’t find anything that prevents you to ask your patients for Facebook reviews.

My advice is to ASK for reviews and to provide your customers direct LINKS to your Facebook and Google Review pages.

Keep in mind that Yelp doesn’t want you to ask patients for reviews at all – and unless they are regular Yelp users, it is likely that their reviews won’t be shown anyway. Whether or not asking patients for reviews is against Yelp’s actual terms of service is unclear.

So go ahead and ask for those reviews from Google and Facebook – and its up to you as to whether or not to ask for Yelp reviews.

In upcoming videos I’ll be discussing ways to encourage patients to review your practice.


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