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Its time to quickly discuss reviews for your dental practice.

There’s a whole section on reviews later in this course – but I just want to go over some of the basics right now.

Having positive reviews is essential in order to get new patients into your practice.

If you haven’t noticed, search engines and social media platforms have already published reviews for your dental practice which are available for all to see.

You don’t have to sign up for reviews or agree to be reviewed – the review sites already have a listing for your practice, and your practice is already receiving reviews from patients.

These reviews are everywhere when people search for your dental practice. They’re hard to miss.

The bad news about reviews is…. bad reviews. You’re going to get bad reviews and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

You can run the best practice in your area where 99% of the patients love everything about the atmosphere and quality of care that you provide.

Negative Review Sources

Sources of Negative Reviews Include:

  • Patients with an ax to grind
  • Confused patients
  • Fake Reviews

Patients with an ax to Grind
Unfortunately, there’s always someone out there with an ax to grind and they’re more than happy to take their frustration out on you.

They’ll leave you a negative review that probably isn’t really representative of their experience – and that review will be nearly impossible for you to get rid of.

Confused Patients (who weren’t even your patients)
Even people who weren’t your patients will leave you negative reviews. I’ve seen this happen in a couple of different ways.

Occasionally you’ll get a patient who accidentally leaves a negative review for the wrong dentist.

Fake Reviews – Sometimes From Former Employees or Competing Dentists
Former employees are also a big source of fake negative reviews. In some cases, someone will leave on bad terms and leave you a fake negative review.

Unethical competing dentists can also be a source of negative reviews. I’ve seen this happen. A competing dentist may try to sabotage your online presence by leaving fake negative reviews.

These negative reviews are very serious and very difficult to get rid of. They undermine all of the other marketing activities that you’re doing and can cause real damage to your practice.

In the Reviews section of this course, I’ll discuss how you can have a system in place to ensure that you get a steady stream of legitimate, honest reviews from your patients. And as long as you’re providing a high level of quality care, those reviews should be largely positive and be a big help to your dental practice.

Having a lot of positive reviews for your practice will greatly reduce the impact of these negative reviews that are bound to come your way – no matter how great your practice is.


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