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Snapchat is an extremely popular social media app – especially with the younger crowd. And I probably don’t have to tell you, but members of the younger crowd probably aren’t going to be making decisions about what dentist to go to for the family.

Snapchat users have friends who are also snapchat members.

These snapchat users can send each other photos, messages and short videos. The unique thing about snapchat is that these communications disappear after a short time frame after the message has been viewed.

Snapchat Advertising

At this point, Snapchat advertising isn’t really worth looking into for your dental office.

Advertising on Snapchat is in its infancy compared to many other online advertising options. It does have some very intriguing advertising options – but seems to be targeted towards big brands and the younger demographic at the moment.

It is possible that Snapchat could be useful for dental advertising in the future. One possible dental related application would be orthodontists. The use of Snapchat filters branded with the orthodontists office could be one possible way to promote using Snapchat.

Bottom Line: Skip Snapchat

For now, leave Snapchat alone. I’ve left a link to Snapchat advertising at the bottom of this lesson for completeness for those who are interested in learning more. In the meantime, please take a look at our ultimate guide to Dental Advertising to find advertising options that may be a better fit for your practice.


Snapchat Advertising


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