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So let’s wrap up this section with the big question. Should you advertise on Social Media?

It is possible that in the future one of the social media platforms I covered here could be a good marketing option for your practice.

At least for now however, for dentists you’ll want to skip social media advertising – with the exception of exploring Facebook advertising opportunities.

Social Media – Busywork Without Accomplishing Much

Social Media activities – like writing tweets or posts and following other social media users can be extremely time consuming. It also probably won’t result in many new patients for your dental office.

If a marketing company approaches you talking about all the success that they’ve had getting patients for dentists with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, be wary of their claims. Don’t take their advice at face value. Make sure you talk to some of their clients directly to hear about their experiences. Do your due diligence before diving into social media. While I’m sure there are offices out there who have had success with social media, I would strongly advise exploring search engine advertising and Facebook advertising before starting a social media campaign.


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