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It is time to wrap things up for this section of the course.

I provided a brief overview of the course and I want to leave you with two key concepts.

I know this sounds repetitive, but these are the two main keys to your online dental marketing success

You Must Use Paid Advertising to Get Patients

The first key is that you have to pay to get patients.

The search engines and social media platforms are publicly traded companies that exist to make money for their shareholders. Getting you more dental patients for free is not high on their list of priorities.

You need to seriously question the advice of a marketer or consultant who says that you can get patients for free from the Internet.

You Must Get Reviews

The second key to your dental marketing success is that reviews are essential for your practice.

You have to be very active in making sure you are obtaining reviews from your patients. Reviews of your dental practice are prominently displayed on search engines and social media platforms. Not having a large quantity of positive reviews can damage all of your marketing efforts – especially when you receive that inevitable negative review.

So that wraps up the Internet marketing Overview Section. Now we get into the Meat of the Course in the next section where I cover Google Ads.


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