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Yelp Overview

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Ahhh Yelp.

If you’re like many dentists and small business owners, you just might not be a big fan of Yelp.

There is even a movie about Yelp’s business practices called “Billion Dollar Bully”.  The film is completed and will like premiere in 2018.

The film is supposed to cover the claims of extortion, review manipulation and review fabrication. I’ve provided a link below.

Despite these claims, the FTC has reviewed claims and taken no action against Yelp. The courts have actually said that if Yelp did participate in review manipulation that this wouldn’t constitute extortion. This basically gives Yelp free reign to do as it pleases with regards to displaying reviews on its site.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Yelp isn’t going away. So – how should your dental practice use yelp’s listings and advertising?

That’s the topic of this portion of the course.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Yelp Reviews – Yelp has a very strict review standard when compared to other online review platforms. You need to be aware how it works.
  • Yelp Advertising – Next I’ll cover advertising on Yelp and try to help you figure out if advertising on Yelp makes sense for your practice.
  • Wrap Up



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