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How should you market your dental practice with Yelp?

For more see our Yelp Ads for Dentists page.

Get a Verified Listing

First, I would recommend getting your dental practice listed in Yelp if it isn’t already. A word of warning – claiming your dental office listing with Yelp may result in some persistent sales calls from Yelp. That said, completing a listing will allow you to enter your office information and respond to patient reviews.


As far as advertising is concerned, I would recommend looking at Bing Ads and AdWords first, then Facebook. Only after I had a strong gameplan for those three advertising platforms would I consider advertising on Yelp.

That said, I encourage you to advertise on any platform that gives you a good return on your investment.

If you do a google search on Yelp advertising experiences you’ll see a lot of horror stories out there. To be fair, those complaining about Yelp are going to be extremely vocal. Those who are having success advertising on Yelp – or on any other advertising platform are likely to be a bit more quiet about their successes to prevent competing dental offices from using the same strategies.

Don’t trust sales people.  Do your own research. Be proactive if you’re evaluating Yelp as an advertising option.

Contact other Yelp dental advertisers in cities similar to yours – rather than taking a Yelp sales associate’s word for wonderful Yelp is.

For example, if you have a dental office in San Antonio Texas do a Yelp search and find dentists who are advertising on Yelp in Fort Worth or El Paso.

Remember, its easy to find dental practices who are advertising on Yelp. Their ads will appear at the top of Yelp searches and on the pages of other dentists in their area.

Pick up the phone and call them and get them to share their experience. If you interview enough dentists like this, you’ll get a better idea of whether or not you should advertise on Yelp – and how you should approach Yelp advertising if you do choose to move forward.


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